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WELLNESS - micro:isolation:spa

I see myself as a very extrovert person, but sometimes I just wanna be alone’

EKSIL på Lille scene, S/H
> EKSILperiode d. 04.05.-10.05.2020 

Genre: Interactive performance installation

The artistic research

What makes isolation torture, what makes it sanctuary?

As pre-research we all went into total isolation, different spaces same timeframe. Only communicating once a day through a self produced artwork brought and delivered by a postman.

In this, we felt the hunger for impressions, turning into a non-spoken language of expression. As well as an increasing expectation of the postman delivery as the only daily input. 

As a group we found a strange tongue, where each word only makes sense as a sentence. 

‘WELLNESS – micro isolation spa’ is a space of sanctuary. An interactive room for self-care. With the right interactions you will get the full wellness experience. Everything you long for in isolation.

The artistic process

All thoughts on a table full of croissants and all choices made still with your hands covered in butter.

The artists

Sicilia Gadborg Høegh
Malthe Beck
William Milsted
Mia Frykholm
Petruska Miehe-Renard