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Tumbling into the space after sadness, "Lowlands" is a world in blue.


Genre: Dance and choreography

Residency at Teatret Zeppelin

Photo: Ida Marie Gedbjerg Sørensen

The artistic research

"Lowlands" is a soft lament to the subliminal that spans the deep blue depths of personal emotional landscapes and collective geographical environments. Journeying into the sunken valleys of slowed down motions, it breathes into the space between fragility and strength. Images emerge evoking a body falling apart and gathering itself together again, a body at sea and a body on a patchwork of waves.

In her practice, Emilia Gasiorek works with different meditations, visualisations and somatic practices, creating "action-vessels". Actions are the continuous hollow containers which are filled with emotions, energies and imaginations, creating subtly changing images. The focus during her residency will be deepening the embodiment of these "action-vessels" and transitioning the piece from studio to stage.

Emilia has previously worked with HAUT on "Lowlands" in 2019 for her residency at Åbne Scene in Aarhus. "Lowlands" is co-produced by Dansehallerne and will premiere at Salen (BIBLIOTEKET Rentemestervej) on 2-4 September 2021.


Photo: Ida Marie Gedbjerg Sørensen

About the artistic team

Emilia Gasiorek is a dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen. Her practice deals with the poetics of body and space, the craft of composition and the body in relation to emotion, imagination and energy. 

For "Lowlands", she has collaborated with choreographic consultant Emma-Cecilia Ajanki, sound artist Karis Zidore and architect Lea Paulsen.


Choreography, performance and scenography concept: Emilia Gasiorek
Choreographic consultant: Emma-Cecilia Ajanki
Scenography and costume: Lea Paulsen
Sound artist: Karis Zidore
Cellist: Åsa Gjerstad
Knitwear designer: Amalie Røge Hove
Light design: Sonja Lea
Textual piece: Jonathan Bonnici
Painting: Coline Marotta
Graphic designer: Hanna Bergman
Photography and trailer: Ida Gedbjerg Sørensen
Co-production and presentation: Dansehallerne

Administration: Projektcentret
In residency: Danseatelier, Åbne Scene, HAUT, Inter Arts Center, Milvus Artistic Research Center
Supported by: Statens Kunstfond, Augustinus Fonden, William Demant Fonden, Knud Højgaards Fond, Dansk Skuespillerforbund, Koda Dramatik, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden and Københavns Kommune Scenekunstudvalg
Special thanks to Emma-Cecilia Ajanki for the constant support and Eva Steen Nordhagen for all the input into the production