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Digging grounds. Historicizing BIPoC performance art in Denmark.

A conversation with living archives from the Danish BIPoC performance art scene.


Format: Conversation

The event took place at Tårnby Park Studio
21.05.2022 at 14:00-17:00

Photographer: Jesper Tønnes

About Digging grounds

The history of performance art in Denmark has paved a road for body-based practices and shaped discourses on racialized bodies, but it is also centered around isolated protagonists. Digging grounds is a conversation with living archives from the Danish BIPoC performance art scene, an attempt to jointly lean into and recall an intergenerational and ongoing work focusing on racialized bodies, Danish colonialism and transnational adoption.

At Digging grounds you will hear three presentations:
The continuous, body-based work by Jessie Kleemann, schooled by the Tuukkaq theatre and mostly presented in fine arts contexts, will be presented and historicized.
The queer performance artist Jupiter Child will expand on their recent productions across performing arts and fine arts contexts.
Art historian Nina Cramer will historicize afrodiasporic performance art in Denmark in relation to other positions and conditions in the Nordic region.
After the presentations a conversation will follow moderated by Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt and Naja Lee Jensen.

Is there a reason to assemble across different memories and affects of racialized artists? And how can we further elaborate of the discourse about body-based performance works presented in Danish contexts? When CURRICULUM and HAUT invite contributors and colleagues across the arts to encounter and recall endeavors by BIPoC performance artists, discuss their take on body-art and listen to their experiences of invitations and framings in a Danish institutional landscape, it is to dig the grounds and rethink the historization of performance art in Denmark. At the same time, the assembly of living archives and a contemporary audience on this spring Saturday in 2022 is an attempt to recognize all the already existing work through intergenerational solidarity and to expand our knowledge about performance art in Denmark.

Jessie Kleemann, Jupiter Child and Nina Cramer.

Curation and moderation: 
Curriculum - public school for performance art and HAUT.

Curriculum is invited by HAUT and the event is hosted by Tårnby Park Studio.