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Make a Tea, Summon a Demon

Investigating the mysteries and the politics on loving lara croft 


Genre: Performance and installation 

Date: June 7th 2024
Time: 5-7pm
Place: ZeBU,

Øresundsvej 4-6, 
2300 København S

Participation in the event is FREE, but please reserve your spot as seats are limited – you can book a ticket right here:

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Image created by Fayxka

The artistic research

In this residency the artists focus their research on the video game Tomb Raider. They will investigate and activate a repertoire extracted from the character Lara Croft's  body movements, sounds and gaze. Together they will dig into the politics and aesthetics of desire, emancipation and hyper-femininity that surrounds the game history and development through the years as much as reflecting on its colonial and fetishist aspects. There is a desire to create a mysterious immersive world that stretches and expands the game's symbols and narratives. 

Loving lara
Do I wanna be her? Do I wanna fuck with her?  Both?
cuz she is so lonely in such vast spaces. Longing for vastness.
Stab him Lara!

Photographer Simone Ballan

The artists

The artists are entering this collaboration through the mediums  of performance, video art, music and costume design to open up dialogues and craft fictional worlds that unfold the ambiguities, mysteries and complexities that surrounds Lara Croft.

Ves Liberta (1998) is a portuguese artist based in Copenhagen. She studied dance and performance at ESD, Lisboa, Expanded Contemporary Dance at AHK, Amsterdam and at PACAP 5: curated by João Fiadeiro at Fórum Dança, Lisbon. She has been performing for artist such as Ana Borralho e João Galante, Raimund Hoghe, Pedro Barreiro, Dinis Machado, Sara Manubens, Catarina Vieira and Rita Natálio. As a creator she uses the media of performance, dance and poetry as the means to investigate seductions, dreams, hypnotic states and shadows. Mess with the voyeurs, sharpens her nails in the relation and her tongue in the gaze.

Alectra Rothschild is the designer behind the Danish clothing label Alectra Rothschild / MASCULINA that is built on the notions of inclusion, craftsmanship, femininity, and high glamour. She graduated with a masters in Fashion design & sustainability from KADK in sustainability and also studied under Fabio Piras at Central Saint Martins, London. In the last few years, Alectra has had the pleasure of creating custom looks for international stars like Michéle Lamy, Arca, Yves Tumor, and MØ along with local Scandinavian stars like Jada, Tessa, COBRAH, and Nadia Tehran.

Fayxka Silva is a 26 years old brazilian multimedia artist. They develop their work in the areas of photography, drawing, 3D sculptures, AI art, animation, DJ and cultural production. Since 2019 they have been based in Lisboa, producing events for the trans bipoc community. They build visual atmospheres to several artists' performances. 

Tanis Silke Nielsen (1997) is a Randrusian Danish composer and artist based in Aarhus known under the alias '****&c.' They have been writing electronic music since 2012, and has a history playing in grunge and punk bands 'Cotard Delusion', 'Nøkk' and 'Favn' a guitarist, cellist and singer. Their work revolves around catharsis through emotional response of sound and music, emotional authenticity and spaces in sound. They are currently studying a Master's Degree in electronic composition at DIEM (The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus), played in venues such as Bonobo (Tokyo), Phonox (London) and Kulturhaus Kili (Berlin) and have been working as a film composer for QunFilms and Vice Media. They released their debut album 'I Miss You Like A B​ꭈ​ׁ​ׅ​*​k'n Record' in 2022. 

Concept and performance: Ves Liberta
Co/Creation: Alectra Rothschild / Masculina,  Fayxka, and Tanis Silke Nielsen / ****&c.
Video-art: Fayxka
Music: Tanis Silke Nielsen / ****&c.
Costume design: Alectra Rothschild / Masculina

About this residency

IN SEED is HAUT's 2-weeks residency that creates the opportunity to develop and situate new artistic practices in the Danish performing arts landscape.

Ves Liberta was invited into this residency to support both her artistic process and the process of establishing herself in the Danish performing arts community. Quim Bigas was co-curator for this residency.

The residency is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The Municipality of Copenhagen and The Bikuben Foundation.