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An exploration of the elusive quality at the heart of rhythmic dance and music; hard to describe and even harder to find.


Genre: House Dance, Afro-House 

Date: May 5th 2024
Time: 2-4pm
Place: Teatret Zeppelin,
Valdemarsgade 15,
1665 København V

Participation in the event is FREE, but please reserve your spot as seats are limited – you can book a ticket right here:

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The artistic research

At the core in the research of "The Essence" is a quest to understand what makes dance and music truly resonate with the human spirit and mind. Is it the pulsating beats of the drums or the fluid movements of the body? Or perhaps it's the symbiotic relationship between rhythm and dance that gives birth to something greater than the sum of its elements. Within the framework of this residency, the artists will use Afro House as a tool to get closer to the core of what "The Essence" might be. Central to the exploration is the process of breaking things down to their soul elements. By stripping away the layers of complexity, they hope to find what or what not lays within. 

The artists

While the artists all share a background in professional dance training, their creative interests stretch beyond "just" dance. Each of the four artists practice a multitude of other skills often complimentary to dance such as DJ'ing, Music Production, Graphic Animation to Videography, MC'ing to Singing. This diverse mix of artistic expressions set the scene for a vibrant journey ahead as they explore the intersections of their chosen art forms. They let each experiment and each fusion offer an opportunity for growth and collaboration, enriching their collective perspective. 


Amdy Ngom - Sabar Dance
Workshop Sophia Makrinius - Project Writing 

About this residency

IN PROCESS is HAUT’s one week residency format that makes space for physical brainstorms supporting the investigation and the development of new ideas for the stage.

Jolie Gambula, Charlie Luccini, Emina Musti and Raffael Bender have been invited into this residency through the open call “IN PROCESS – Rhythmic Dance”, whose focus was on the development of methods and choreographic approaches that evenly prioritise improvisation and freestyle as well as choreographic phrases. The open call also emphasized a focus on choreographers and dancers specialized in specific historically-founded dance traditions, with an interest in developing performing art formats that e.g. include steps and movement coordination, choreographic formation work, improvisation, precision, personal style and a strong expression. The open call was curated in collaboration with Marie Kaae Schmidt.

This residency is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The Municipality of Copenhagen and The Bikuben Foundation.