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HAUT – Kunstnerisk udviklingsarbejde
HAUT – Artistic development

Book release and conversation

> Sunday 25.10.2020, 15:45-17:30

Writing this publication is a first for HAUT and as with everything else we do, this is a long term experiment that hopefully will take us into a future where the self-producing performing arts and its artists have gotten sustainable working conditions. Since the performing arts is a time-consuming art form, our aim with "HAUT - Artistic development" is to create a reflective community based on a physical publication as a supplement to the ephemeral work that we, our colleagues, and the artists spend most of their time doing. 

As part of the book release we will facilitate a conversation on artistic development in the Independent Field of Performing Arts – for how do we create an ecosystem based on sustainability, that can accommodate the Performing Arts of the future, the Performing Artists of the future and the artistic development of the future? 
In the conversation we will make room for dialogue between the attending participants and the 3 invited conversation partners. 

The invited conversation partners are:
Tina Tarpgaard
(choreographer and part of The Project Support Committee for Performing Arts 2018-21)
Cecilie Ullerup Schmidt (Ph.d., performing artist and front person for Independent Performing Artists)
Mikkel Harder (Director at The Development Platform for the Performing Arts)

Moderator: Naja Lee Jensen (Artistic leader at HAUT)

"HAUT - Artistic development" is supported by The Bikuben foundation and will be published by the newly registered "HAUT forlag".