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COLLECTIVE READING with Andreas Liebmann

Creating a space of learning and exchange


Genre: Conversation and knowledge sharing

Date: 11.10.2023 and 08.11.2023 
Time: kl. 17:00-19:00 
Place: HAUT, Lygten 39, 2400 Kbh NV

Participation is free, but please sign up as there is a limited amount of seats available. You can sign up by sending an email to, write "Collective reading" in the subject line.


Photo: Max Morris-Doherty

As fall is approaching we invite you to join us for a new edition of COLLECTIVE READING that is stretched out over two evenings, making it possible to dive even further into the reading experience. 

With the aim of creating a space of learning and exchange, we have invited artist Andreas Liebmann to facilitate these evenings. Together with Andreas, we will dive into chapters from the book “Ministry for the future” by Kim Stanley Robinson. 
The novel is a fictive look into a not very fictive future, where the earth is hunted by heat waves, droughts and floods. The novel shifts between facts, fiction, psychological realism and speculation. Andreas Liebmann’s interest lies in its powerful use of fiction to portray this for the arts so complicated a topic. 

Together we will explore questions such as: 
What can the “power of fiction“ do to portray contemporary problems of existential dimension?
In what way can a scientific and factful research profit from artistic means? 
How can documentation/research be balanced with speculation and aesthetics? 
What can the effect of an aesthetic question to a scientifically elaborated subject be?

When discussing the chapters we read, we translate the questions above into questions of performance making and writing for contemporary theatre. Why use fiction at all when dealing with an all well-known and overwhelming catastrophic situation?

Photos by Sophie Grodin

Andreas Liebmann is a performance maker, writer and artistic leader of Tårnby Park Studio. His artistic practice and research is focused on the touch between contemporary life situations with the power of the artistic energy field. 


Collective Reading is a format where we read together. We invite an artist or teacher to open up and play with the way we read: What happens when we read collectively, embodied or guided? Is it possible to find another way to read and engage with texts than we have previously done?