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IN PROCESS - Injections

[Deadline 03-06-2022]

Creating art for the stage is a collaboration between many artistic disciplines and experiences, but most often in the well known constellation of artists, designers and producers. But outside the darkness of the black box there are other disciplines with other types of knowledge and experiences that at first sight aren't part of the artistic team. With this open call, HAUT and Åbne Scene encourage artists to open their artistic space and enter into a dialogue with other types of knowledge and experiences. Knowledge and experiences existing in the local area where the residency will take place: Århus. 

With IN PROCESS - Injections HAUT and Åbne Scene want to support artists wishing to invite in new perspectives, knowledge and experience to their process from new people, in order to open their artistic universe to other influences. This could be from people with academic knowledge, lived experience or other perspectives that can enrich, challenge or question the artistic development work. 

IN PROCESS - Injections is for artists and choreographers who are in the beginning phase of an artistic project and who want to try out an artistic idea or collaboration, who need black box facilities and a professional exchange with people from fields of knowledge they are not yet familiar with. 

Åbne Scene and HAUT will begin the dialogue with the curated artistic group at the production meeting, and together they will find two local and relevant conversation partners from Århus. During the residency period, the two local conversation partners will each meet the group for two separate conversation sessions over informal dinners. 


As part of IN PROCESS - Injections you will be offered::

  • 6 days residency at Åbne Scene in Århus
  • Possibility to work with light and sound (40 hours with a technician as well as the option to spar with the technical team at Åbne Scene)  
  • Conversation and dinner with two local dialogue partners whom you don’t know
  • A final work-in-process sharing as well as a moderated feedback conversation
  • A fee of 7000 DKK per artist (max. 4 people)
  • Material budget of max. 3000 DKK
  • Accommodation at Godsbanen
  • Cover of travel costs (domestic travels with public transport)
  • Documentation of the artistic process 



  • Production meeting 9th August 2022 at 3pm at HAUT
  • The IN PROCESS residency takes places 12-17th September 2022 at Åbne Scene in Århus 
  • Work-in-process sharing and moderated feedback the 17th September 2022 at 2pm 
  • Evaluation of the residency end of September 2022 



  • That you are curious about inputs from experts and professions that you don’t know
  • That you open up your workspace to the audience and that you are curious about receiving feedback
  • That you take part in an evaluation of IN PROCESS residency format


Send us:

  1. A motivated application containing a description of the artistic project/idea you wish to develop during IN PROCESS - Injections. We’d like it to include your thoughts on the theme, working method, format/aesthetic choices, use of the space and technical wishes (max. 2 pages) 
  2. A list of disciplines/experiences you would like to meet during your residency
  3. CV on everyone involved (max. 1 page per person)

  4. Documentation or links to a website/documentation of earlier projects.

The above is sent in one PDF-file to 
Write “IN PROCESS - Injections” in the subject line.
The deadline is 3rd of June 2022 at 11:59pm

If you have any questions about the open call, contact Naja Lee Jensen at

N PROCESS is aimed at artists and choreographers based in Denmark and the Oresund Region, wishing to work with artistic development. The curated group of artists are economically responsible for all international travel costs. The residency is NOT production time to finish a project/show. 

HAUT follows the authorities’ advice and we will continuously update everyone involved if the situation should influence the residency. 



IN PROCESS - Injections" is curated by Trine Sørensen, curator for Åbne Scene, and Naja Lee Jensen, Artistic leader of HAUT.

Åbne Scene
Åbne Scene is a workspace for the professional performing arts willing to take risks. A place that makes space for the experiment and the process - where there is the time and the liberty to be curious, to fail and to learn. Åbne Scene facilitates a diverse, curated programme of performing art projects based on a yearly open call, and offers research residencies with great performing art facilities in a black box that’s technically well-equipped. Åbne Scene prioritises projects in the investigative and experimental phase with the purpose of creating material, artistic exchange and new experience or knowledge within its field, and that is in need of a period of time in precisely a black box. See more at .  

HAUT is a performing arts organisation supporting development projects and experiments. Through open calls HAUT offers the residency programme IN PROCESS to self-producing performing artists and choreographers. IN PROCESS has been created to facilitate artistic development and immersion. IN PROCESS finishes with an informal meeting between the art, the artists and the audience, where dialogue, and not judgment, is at the center. Read more about HAUT
here, and the publication: HAUT - Artistic development. 


"IN PROCESS - Injections" is supported by The Danish Arts Foundation and The Municipality of Copenhagen