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IN PROCESS - Pop Culture of the stage 
A question of taste?

[Deadline 02-10-2020]

HAUT & Inkonst invite artists to apply for HAUTs residency format IN PROCESS
+ work-in-process showing at Selected Works 2021 (Det Frie Felts Festival). 

What part is High Culture, Mass Culture, Bad Taste and Guilty Pleasures playing in the 2020 theatre space? With a backdrop of Netflix Sequels, Social Media and Reality TV producing Presidents, HAUT and Inkonst invites performing artists to take part in an investigation of the role of Pop Culture in the Performing Arts. How is Pop Culture showing up in theatre space - not only as aesthetic expression or as a representation, but as a form of Pop Culture? 

With the "IN PROCESS – Pop Culture of the Stage", HAUT and Inkonst offer a week long residency for artists to create a work in process through an investigation and experimentation with possible clashes between the “High” Culture of theatre and contemporary “mass” culture. We pose questions like: in what ways does the perceived status or means of expression influence how we perceive a work of art? What role does the specific format play in the expectations of the audience, and what is ‘good’ and ‘bad’ taste really?

Your application should include both a description of your intended investigation of the proposed frame as well as a discussion of the relevance of the "IN PROCESS - Pop Culture of the stage" for your artistic trajectory. Why are HAUT and Inkonst relevant partners for your work and how could we be of support in your artistic journey? HAUT and Inkonst are also curious to know how your proposed project relates to its audience (it is not a requirement that it is interactive) and we encourage interdisciplinary applications without it being a prerequisite for the successful application. 

"IN PROCESS – Pop Culture of the stage" is a one week residency at HAUT with a final public sharing of the process and moderated feedback session at the end of the residency (December 2020). The curated work in process project will also be part of "Works in Process", a side programme of the Selected Works festival (January 2021). The side programme "Work in Process" is curated by HAUT.

IN PROCESS is HAUT’s residency format for artistic processes and experiments and NOT for production. The written IN PROCESS project application is accepted in Danish, Swedish or English. Applicants from outside of the Copenhagen/Malmö area should take into account that we do not offer compensation for travel and accommodation related to the project. 


•    One week residency in HAUT’s black box with the possibility to work with light and sound
•    Artistic feedback with the curatorial team
•    Public sharing of the process and moderated feedback
•    Fee of 6.500 DKK per person per week (max five persons) 
•    Work-in-progress showing as part of the Works in Process programme at Selected Works 2021

•    IN PROCESS period at HAUT: November 30 – December 6, 2020
•    Public sharing and moderated feedback at HAUT on December 6, 2020
•    Production meeting at HAUT ultimo October 2020 
•    Evaluation meeting at HAUT medio December 2020
•    One work-in-process showing at Selected Works between January 19.-23, 2021


Send us an application including:

1. Motivated application which relates to the open call text and which describes your experiment. The description can touch upon theme, working method, format, aesthetic choices, thoughts on the space and your technical requirements. 
2. CV (max 1 page per person)
3. Production plan 
4. Link to website and link to documentation of referential works for the applied experiment

Please send the application in a single PDF file to Subject text: "Pop Culture" 
Application deadline on October 2, 2020. 
If you have any questions please contact Naja Lee Jensen at


Petra Huisman is the artistic director for Inkonst Performing Arts in Malmö since 2018. She has worked with the performing arts collective Bombina Bombast for a number of years and is the chair of their board. Huisman has earlier worked with Stockholm City Theatre and The Orion Theatre. In 2020 she was part of the jury for the CPH STAGE International Days.

Naja Lee Jensen is the artistic director for HAUT. She is also a self-producing artist with an educational background from the Norwegian Theatre Academy and the Art Academy in Oslo. Her works has been shown at CLICK festival, Dansehallerne and Black Box Theatre in Oslo.

Inkonst is also a venue for contemporary performing arts with a strong focus on what’s happening on the international arena, but also presenting what’s new and relevant from Malmö and Sweden. The common thread is the interdisciplinary and genre bending where the rules that govern the traditional theatre are no longer in play. Read more about Inkonst here.

HAUT is a stage and workspace for self-producing stage artists and choreographers. HAUT curates and supports the development of performances and experiments that create new artistic expressions or new perspectives that can lead us into an unknown future. HAUT create formats that allow stage artists to explore their ideas and to engage with each other and the audience through experiments and conversations for the further development of their artistic praxis.

"IN PROCESS - Pop Culture of the stage" is a part of the program HAUT OG … The program is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.