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A Mutant's Touch

An investigation of how to disobey biased digital archives and thereby challenge our idea on sexuality and gender.


Genre: Interdisciplinary performance

Residency at Teatret Zeppelin

Work-in-process sharing:
03.04.2022 at 2:00-4:00pm

The artistic research

With “A Mutant’s Touch” the newborn art collective -PHILE wish to investigate the erobot’s potential of disobeying biased digital archives. The erobot in this artistic research takes shape as a hybrid between a latex video screen, a performer and a soundscape. Through a sensual interplay the artists want to morph, blend and distort binary narratives to suggest ways of queering the digital future.

About the artistic team

The art collective -PHILE consists of Sofia Stål (artist+set designer), Ville Vidø (video artist + photographer), Laura Gerdes-Miranda (producer), Stina Force (dancer and drummer) and Hala Namer (sound artist). The artistic team investigate what biology, gender and identification means in a technological age. They create art projects by colliding different media to co-create fictional queer narratives.


Video artist and photographer: Ville Vidø > link to website
Artist and set-designer: Sofia Stål > link to website
Dancer and drummer: Stina Force
Sound artist: Hala Nama

Producer: Laura Gerdes-Miranda


The artistic research "A Mutant's Touch" is curated in collaboration with Warehouse9.