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ENTANGLED - A Choreography of Scents and Memories

A (con)fusion of Self and Other entangled through olfaction, memory and movement


Genre: Experimental perfoming arts

Residency at Aaben Dans in Roskilde

Work-in-process sharing:
27.01.2022 at 7:00-8:30pm

The artistic research

This residency marks the beginning of the artistic research of ENTANGLED, a new performance-installation by BEYOND DARKNESS and co. which explores the subterranean world of darkness, the hidden lives of its microorganisms and the interconnectedness of the lives above and below ground through olfaction, memory and movement.

Currently, the artists focus on choreographing from various scents to arouse imagery and memories, enlivening them through movement. The core investigation is centred around respiration, slowness and organic matter from the forest. Breathing and olfaction bridge the outside with the inside and inversely; likewise, slowness, inspired by the pace of mycelial growth, brings us closer to the experience of other-than human organisms who impact our lives substantially without our conscious attention.

About the artistic team

The creative duo behind BEYOND DARKNESS are Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen and Nadja Mattioli. Their shared interest in movement, darkness, the senses, as well as imagination, nature and ecology are the elements that formed the BD universe. With their work, such as SCINTILLAE (2021) and ENTANGLED (2022), they seek to encourage curiosity, collectivity, care and change.


Concept and research: BEYOND DARKNESS
Choreography: Nanna Hanfgarn Jensen and Nadja Mattioli
Sound art: Eliza Bozek

Photo: Morten Arnfred / Good Place Production