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Absolute Joy

An examination of pop within culture, big feelings and personal playlists.

> residency period 30.11.-06.12.2020

Genre: performance

Worksharing and feedback 
6.12.2020, 15:30-17:00
at S/H Theater

Work-in-process sharing 
at Selected Works 2021

21.01.2021 TBA
at Copenhagen Contemporary

The artistic research

During the COVID-19 lockdown the culture minister Joy Mogensen said: “I would consider it inappropriate if I was to stand here and talk about culture right now”. Afterwards she stated that her favorite album is Absolute Music 2, which was met with a lot of criticism. To Beck Heiberg and Sigrid Stigsdatter the statement led to a conversation about which Absolute Music album actually is the best. 

In their artistic investigations, specific performance elements are tied to the tracks on Absolute Music 2. The audience are invited to shape the dramaturgy of the investigation, and they can interact with the piece by changing the track, skipping it or putting it on repeat. The artists take the music seriously and want to challenge the question about what good art is, and who gets to dictate it. They want to talk about the importance of art and culture by using Joy Mogensen’s very own favorite album as a starting point of a bigger debate about art and culture.

Photo: Morten Arnfred, Good Place Production

The artistic team consists of Sigrid Stigsdatter and Beck Heiberg. 

Sigrid Stigsdatter is choreographer, performer and vocalist educated at SNDO. Sigrids favorite Absolute Music album is number 28.

Beck Heiberg is choreographer and performer educated at Hotstepper and Juste Debout School. Becks favorite Absolute Music album is number 8. 

Both Sigrid and Beck love pop music and is heavily influenced by popular currents. "Absolute Joy" is their debut collaboration.

Learn more about Beck Heiberg > here 


IN PROCESS is HAUT's residency format for artistic development, where artists are given a payed opportunity to immerse themselves in the process of their work.

The artistic research "Absolute Joy" by Beck Heiberg and Sigrid Stigsdatter have been invited to be part of the residency format through the open call "IN PROCESS - Pop culture of the Stage" curated by Naja Lee Jensen and Petra Huisman.

The IN PROCESS falls into two parts. The first part is a one week residency at HAUT in Copenhagen (December 2020), ending with a worksharing. The other part is a work-in-process showing at the side programme "Works in Process" at Selected Works 2021 (January 2021). 

This IN PROCESS is a part of the program HAUT AND … in season 20/21. The program is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.