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AN HOUR WITH Stanley Ollivier and Mamadou Wague

On intimacy, togetherness, the body and on the creation of a guarded, safe space.


Genre: Conversation that immerses the audience in an artist’s practice

Date: 25th April
Time: 10:00-11:00AM
Place: HAUT, Lygten 39, 2400 Kbh NV

The event is free, but please reserve your spot so we know how much coffee to brew. You can book your spot right here:

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Photographers: Miguel Soll and Matias Rocha Moura

During this AN HOUR WITH Stanley Ollivier and his collaborator Mamadou Wague will reflect on the themes of the choreographic research on intimacy, togetherness, the body and on the creation of a guarded, safe space in the project "Spine Of Desire: Wounds without tears, out of one skin in diamonds and shit". The conversation will take the community building power of POC belonging spaces as a starting point in order to reformulate traditional choreographic approaches.

Stanley's artistic practice stems from the belief that a body has infinite possibilities to generate the unexpected and challenge the abstract, imaginative, and perceptive power of the human body. His is interested in physical investigations, including but not limited to movement and look into alternative modes of being, dancing and existing together while questioning notions of normativity and rigidity. His choreographic tools work with dance as a medium for creating shifty spaces of ambivalence and fantasy, swinging between fragments and fullness, deconstruction and construction, optimism and doubt.

At the moment some of the leading interests in his work are discovering new physical narratives and openings for a conscious innocence, while diving into practice of the crushing, joyful and persistent body. 

Photographer Amalie Lynge Lyngesen


Stanley Ollivier is a Brussels based artist working in the performing art field. He works with dance as a medium, but is active in the club scene and radio as a DJ. After the previous performance work "The Mirror Stand" and the duet "PARADE", Stanley is developing a new upcoming project, a trio called "Spine of Desire: Wounds without tears, out of one skin in diamonds and shit" (2025)  in collaboration with the dancers Mamadou Wague and Lily Brieu Nguyen.
Read more about Stanley Ollivier at



In relation to the creation of the work "Spine Of Desire: Wounds without tears, out of one skin in diamonds and shit".
Artistic Direction, Concept: Stanley Ollivier
Research, Choreography, Performance: Mamadou Wague, Lily Brieu Nguyen and Stanley Ollivier 

Photographer: Matias Rocha Moura  


Stanley and his collaborator Mamadou were invited into a two week IN CONNECTION residency at HAUT in Denmark with the artistic project "Spine of Desire: Wounds without tears out of one skin in diamonds and shit". This opportunity blossomed out of HAUT's long term collaboration with workspacebrussels – a laboratory for research, experiment & creation in the performing arts. The two organisations are also providing the danish-based artists Sall Lam Toro, suziethecockroach and Keiria Hissabu two weeks of residency at workspacebrussels this spring to work on their artistic project "BODY TONGUES: TECHNO_RAGE".



An hour of informal conversation, which provides space for short or intense immersion in an artistry or an artistic practice. It is an opportunity to meet artists in an informal setting and gain insight into knowledge that is usually only available to the people who are part of the work process.

This event is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The Bikuben Foundation and the Municipality of Copenhagen.