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Distortion Trio

A Go-Go dance research.

Eksil in collaboration with WAREHOUSE9
Work-in-progress showing d. 21.02.2020 kl 17:00-18:30 

Genre: Dans

DISTORTION TRIO is a further research of Taneli Törmäs and Esa Mattilas past Go-Go dance solo performance called DISTORTION, where Taneli wanted to explore his background as a go-go-dancer. During this Eksil the solo performance will be transformed into trio, where 3 different kind of performers try to do same action. Accompanied by 2m X 2m podiums and a sound system they attempt to make the audience dance, while staging themselves as objects that has no real power over the audiences reactions. For example Taneli, being past 30 years old he also has to admit that his go-go dancing is not what it used to be! However the situation provides him a possibility to investigate the line between being an object and the subjective freedom – the freedom of being a person.


The artistic team

Choreographer and performer: Taneli Törmä

Composer and sound artists: Esa Mattila

Performer: Birgitte Skands

Performer: Bjørk-Mynte Buchgraitz Paulse

Taneli Törmä - LOCATION X ( is an award-winning choreographer and performing artist, with international and interdisciplinary experience based in Copenhagen. Esa Mattila is Lappish sound designer from Finland, whose main musical inspiration lays in the early 90’s US house and techno tracks of his youth. Birgitte Skands and Bjørk-Mynte, danish dancers who on this project will collaborate with Taneli and Esa for the very first time.

Created by Taneli Törmä - LOCATION X & Esa Mattila.
Supported by: O Espaco Do Tempo (Portugal) and L1dancefest (Hungary). 

// Staging the Art of B/S-eeing
This Eksil is created in a collaboration between HAUT and Warehouse9, who curated the project DISTORTION TRIO under the theme of "Staging the Art of B/S-eeing" with the focus to make room for diversity and invite those, who you rarely meet in the black box, into this space.