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AN HOUR WITH - Jupiter Child

- creates room for a short and intense immersion in an artistry or artistic practice. 


Genre: Conversation and knowledge-sharing format

Date: 15th December 2022
Time: kl. 09:00-10:00 
Adress: Kontor Nr. 25, Henrik Rungs Gade, 2200 Kbh N

AN HOUR WITH is free but there are limitit seating.
You can signup by sending an email to
– write "AN HOUR WITH Jupiter Child" in the subject line. 

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AN HOUR WITH: Jupiter Child 

For this december edition of AN HOUR WITH, Jupiter Child will talk about liberation practices og collaboration continuity and how both are an integrated part of their artistic practice and thinking. Also relating to how their origin and upbringing in a postcolonial Mozambique and the later move to Denmark, has shaped and informed their artistic expressions and ways of working - with examples from previous and upcoming artworks and performances. 

Julia Machindano who uses the artist name Jupiter Child (b. 1982) is a performance and visual artist from Mozambique, living in Copenhagen. 
In her/their work, Jupiter Child draws inspiration and energy from black culture and African history, mainly from the indigenous Makonde people, who resisted colonial rule with great vigour right up until the 1975s. Jupiter Child combines conceptual theatre, dance, music, spoken word, creative writing and storytelling with objects and tapestries, photographic work and collages in an artistic oeuvre that can be described primarily as queer and anti-colonial interventions and revelations. With feminism, black queerness and black empowerment, Jupiter Child's art forms a force field against a colonialist world. 



'AN HOUR WITH' is an opportunity to meet artists in an informal setting, where new conversations about art can flourish. The intention is to cultivate a closer relationship with and understanding of various artistic practices and studies for inspiration for the field right now.
With 'AN HOUR WITH', we provide space for short and focused immersion in the work of an artist or artist group.
'AN HOUR WITH' is for anyone in the field of art and performing arts, national and international colleagues and other people interested in the performing arts.