Welcome to Y Choreography - the choreographic festival of HAUT.

The festival runs 25th-27th of October and here you can experience choreographers and artists share their work-in-progress pieces, run workshops, do talks as well as invite audiences into the experimental space of the artistic process. In addition to all that, we give you a taste of what is happening outside of Denmark with the international opening performance Multiverse.

This year’s festival poses the question “Y Choreography”? We do this by investigating how choreographic thinking positions itself today. Simultaneously the question works as a comment on the current situation in Copenhagen, where choreographic art is lacking space for choreographic creation and presentation. With this year’s festival, we want to promote choreographic art and therefore say “that’s why!” to the question of “Y Choreography”?

Y Choreography has been developed and curated by three choreographic artists - Linette Stamp Christensen, Simone Wierød and Naja Lee Jensen. The festival is a relaunch of the previous choreographic platform at HAUT: Young Choreographers - the Festival. While previous festivals focused solely on the young choreographers, this year’s festival will aim to create a platform driven by the synergy between young choreographers and more seasoned artists. Simultaneously the festival creates an opportunity for artistic professionals from other disciplines to share their choreographic visions as well as answers to “Y Choreography” through interdisciplinary collaborations.


Friday 25/10

18:00       Opening 

18:30 -     Støt
22:30   Foyer

19:00 -     Multiverse
20:05   Store scene

21:00 -     Of All Its Parts - Episode #2
21:45   (extended version)
               Lille scene

22:00 -    Hang out and celebration
24:00   Foyer

Saturday 26/10

09:30 -   Breakfast and Artist Talk
10:30   Foyer

10:30 -    Embodied Voice Workshop
12:00   Lille scene

12:00 -    Community Lunch
13:00   Foyer

13:00 -    On nurturing work-in-progress
15:00   Lille scene

13:00 -    24 hours Eksil begin:
                   - A choreographic instruction 
                   - Wounded objects 


15:00 -    Field 5. Aura
16:30   Store scene

19:00 -    UUUH
19:45   Lille scene

20:30 -   Just ok
21:30   Store scene

22:00 -    A night of never-ending endings
02:00   Lille scene

Sunday 27/10

11:00 -    Soft movements & brunch
12:30   Lille scene

12:45 -    24 hours Eksil work-in-progress
13:45       showing and talk
                   - A choreographic instruction 
                   - Wounded objects 


14:00 -    ARKEN - The Ark
14:45   Store scene

15:00 -    Skin Tonic & Woven Wounds
16:00   Lille scene

Eksil is the residency for artistic development at HAUT. Here we give performing artists, who are based in Denmark, time and space to immerse themselves in artistic experiments. During this year’s Y Choreography the audience can follow two artists creating in their 24 hours of Eksil, or enjoy the culmination of one week of Eksil for three performing arts’ collectives by watching their work-in-progress showings. After each showing, there will be a Sharing Praxis conversation with the artists.



Friday 25/10 at 18:00


Genre: Event
Stage: Foyer

Come open the festival with us Friday 25th from 6pm - there will be speeches and a glass of bubbles!

Friday 25/10 at 22:00-24:00

Hang out and celebration

Genre: Event
Stage: Foyer


Saturday 26/10 at 9:30-10:30

Breakfast and Artist Talk

Genre: Event
Stage: Foyer

HAUT invites everyone for a simple breakfast where artists from the choreographic field will share their thoughts and practice/praxis with us. 

Saturday 26/10 at 10:30-12:00

Embodied Voice workshop

Genre: Workshop
Stage: Lille scene

You will gain an insight into the embodied voice methods developed for the performance UUUH, which will be shown in the evening on the same day as the workshop. The workshop is framed by an interest in how gender is perceived through sound and is contextualised through a historical context of the siren.

We will practice new ways of being together through sounding, listening and moving together. 

Our voice practices are founded in Lichtenberger® applied voice physiology and is a way to listen and follow the voice rather than following a pre-notion of how to sound.

Everyone is welcome and it is not required that you already have a movement and voice practice. Bring clothes you can move in.

(About the artist:) The workshop will be lead by Anna Fitoussi and Kai Merke.

Friday 26/10 at 12:00-13:00

Community Lunch

Genre: Event
Stage: Foyer

Come have lunch with us and get a head start on the conversation about, how organisations create the best breeding ground/foundation for artistic processes.

Saturday 26/10 at 13:00-15:00

On nurturing work-in-progress

Genre: Talk
Stage: Lille scene

What does it mean to be an institution facilitating work-in-progress pieces? In an attempt to broaden our horizon, HAUT has invited sister organisations from abroad to share their vision on working with artistic processes. 

(About the panel:)Among others the panel consists of representatives from Inter Arts Center Malmø and Workspacebrussels.

Sunday 27/10 at 11:00-12:30

Soft movements & brunch

Genre: Event
Stage: Lille scene

Begin the day with soft movements, followed by a brunch where artists from our community will share thoughts about their praxis .