Friday 25/10 at 18:30-22:30

Interdisciplinary exploration of touch, movement and drawing

Genre: Durational performance
Stage: Foyer

Our bodies are the “you are here” X on a map in a vast wilderness of “others”. We have a plethora of languages, but amongst the mud and blood and spit and cum, touch is where life starts. In the process of creating this piece, we explored touch, intimacy and the haptic sense as a way of manifesting drawings and maps. In Støt, touch leaves an abstract but also sometimes concrete map of a human body across space. There’s an eye, an eyebrow, a testicle, a spine, a long doodely line connecting two dots, a sensual moment suspended in time crystallized in space.

(About the artists:) Eik Leknesund is an interdisciplinary performance artist with a background in contemporary dance, circus, physical theatre and visual art - interested in the intersection of the physical and the visual and giving form to the senses through mixed media. For this staging of 'Støt' he is accompanied by the dancers and physical performers Carmen Csilla Medina and Anton Hedevang.

(Credits:) Choreographer: Eik Leknesund | Performers: Carmen Csilla Medina and Anton Hedevang