Saturday 26/10 at 15:00-16:30 / Duration of each performance is 6 min

Field 5. Aura
Embodied ways of experiencing sound

Genre: Sound treatment
Stage: Store scene

Field 5. Aura is a sound treatment performed for 1 participant at a time. The participant lies down, with their eyes covered, while the performer creates different types of sound installations around the participant’s body by using small wireless speakers with tracks composed for the treatment. The speakers are located around the participant as well as directly on their body. Field 5. Aura refers to embodied ways of experiencing sound, the physical nature of sound (which is a vibration), as well as to different esoteric methods where sound is used as a healing factor. In Field 5. Aura the important element of listening is the intimate distance of sound as well as listening to sounds “outside” of the personal “sonic field”.

(About the artists:) Field 5. Aura has been created by Wojtek Blecharz - a classical composer, who has expanded his practice to include electronic music. He works with the embodied experience of sound vibration and explores multisensorial impressions and encounters. At the festival the piece will be performed by the performer Nicolas Navarro Rueda and two local performers. 

(Credits:) Choreographer and composer: Wojtek Blecharz | Performers: Nicolas Navarro Rueda and two local performers.