Saturday 26/10 at 19:00-19:45

A mermaid concert

Genre: Performance
Stage: Lille scene

UUUH is contemporary storytelling about the mythical figure of the siren. 

Come dwell with us at the bottom of the sea where we sing through past lives and call to liquify each other from within until we melt even further down where we no longer see as much as we hear.

We listen to re-member voices, to call for something in search of what we lost, revealing the songs trapped in our tissues and bones. 

What does the body tell when we give it a voice?

(About the artists:) Anna Fitoussi and Kai Merke work in the field of dance, choreography and performance and graduated from Inter-University Centre for Dance Berlin at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). They share a training in Lichtenberger® applied voice physiology and have worked together with voice since 2017.

(Credits:) By and with Anna Fitoussi and Kai Merke.