Saturday 26/10 at 20:30-21:30

Just ok
A research shaped by zombie material

Genre: Dance/Choreography
Stage: Store scene

Just ok follows the group’s latest work Sure as its sibling piece. In the form of a melancholic rave Sure addresses how dance can hold a space for loss and the sequel will be the next iteration of the work.
Just ok is a performance shaped by zombie material in the hesitant zone of living and dying. The piece is at its research stage thinking through this living dead material. Considering the grim prospects of the world, this tranced sequel will work in the form of hollowing and letting (non-)living remains, ghosts and losses seep through the material.

(About the artists:) Amalia Kasakove (FI) and Anna Lea Ourø (DK) are a Copenhagen based artist duo that reside in the field of dance and choreography. They are working on a trilogy of works addressing loss while touring its first part Sure and being involved in various projects across Europe.

(Credits:) Dance and choreography by Amalia Kasakove and Anna Lea Ourø.