Saturday 26/10 at 13:00, 24 hours Eksil begin
Sunday 27/10 at 12:45-13:45, work-in-progress showing and talk

Wounded objects
A playful exploration of the faulty, broken and less than perfect

Genre: Contemporary circus/Acrobatic research
Stage: Foyer

For 24 hours I will be under the rule of the crooked and bent, the wonky and deflated, the warped and twisted – examining the qualities of movement that wounded objects exhibit and provoke. A relationship between body and object reliant on balancing, fixing, adjusting and compensating. I’m interested in exploring the creativity and playful attitude that naturally arise when things don’t work quite as they should. Can it be a catalyst for creating new material?

(About the artist:) Sunniva Byvard is an award-winning circus artist. Since graduating from University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm, Sunniva has worked in various projects performing and collaborating alongside filmmakers, musicians, actors and dancers. Examples of previous collaborators: Östgötateatern, Nørrebro Teater, The 7 Fingers, Teater Republique and Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

(Credits:) By and with Sunniva Byvard.