W.O.M.B (Worth of my Body)

An exploration of the female (pro)creative power.

Contemporary Dance

The residency falls in two parts
19.10-25.10.2020 at Teater Zeppelin
01.03-14.03.2021 at Teater Momentum

Worksharing and feedback
at Teater Zeppelin: 

21.05.2021, 17:00-19:00 

Worksharing and feedback
at Teater Momentum: 

26.06.2021, 13:00-14:30 
26.06.2021, 16:00-17:30 

Photo by Julie Malmstrøm

The artistic research

W.O.M.B. explores the female (pro)creative power through movement. It centres on acceptance: accepting the responsibility, the pain, the change, the inner and outer transformation. 

W.O.M.B is a performance of mothers facing their challenges and working through their vulnerability, finding strength and re-finding womanhood. The piece gives visibility to the body marked by pregnancy.

During this residency, Julienne Doko wants to explore how the scenography can echo Michael Kvium’s painting “Natural Circle”, which inspired the piece. Moreover, she wants to develop and deepen the narrative in collaboration with the other dancers. They will share their stories about birth, motherhood and body image and see how they each manifest their experience in movement, developing solos that will dialogue with each other.

Julienne Doko, Meire Santos and Naa Ayeley are professional dancers and choreographers who share a background in different African/Afro-diasporic techniques of global impact and significance. In W.O.M.B., they bring their respective cultural experience to address themes of universal relevance like identity and legacy through a contemporary dance expression rooted in their culture.

Read more about Julienne Doko > here 

List of credits

Dancers: Naa Ayeley, Julienne Doko, Meire Santos
Choreographer: Julienne Doko in collaboration with Naa Ayeley and Meire Santos.
Music edit: Julienne Doko
Visual artist: Jules Fischer
Photos: Jacob Crawfurd (portrait of Naa Ayeley and Meire Santos), Henning Sjøstrøm (portrait of Julienne Doko) and Julie Malmstrøm (stage photos)



IN PROCESS is HAUT's residency format for artistic development, where artists are given a payed opportunity to immerse themselves in the process of their work.

The artistic research "W.O.M.B." by Julienne Doko has been invited to be part of the residency format by HAUTs artistic leader Naja Lee Jensen.

The residency falls into two parts. The first part is a one week residency at Teater Zeppelin in Copenhagen (May 2021). The other part is a one week residency at Teater Momentum in Odense (June 2021). Both residency periods end with a public worksharing and moderated feedback.

This IN PROCESS is a part of the program HAUT AND … in season 20/21 which is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.