On Mother Tongues, II reiteration + Bevægelse i lille format

- a 5 day's workshop with guest artists and a 2 day mini-festival


Genre: Workshop + mini-festival. 

Residency takes place at Teaterøen

17. + 18.02.2023 


The artistic research

"The Translatress´ Tactic: Conflicted Trans-Atlantic Embodiment"
During caterina mora's residency she will tackle questions like:
What does it mean to be visible in the arts field? How many years of career do I need to be visible? Am I visible in the field if I am doing this residency? How many residencies do I need to be visible

It is the second reiteration of the theme as the first experience was in Stockholm (September 2022) and there is another one coming in Brussels (February-March 2023). In Copenhagen this research is accompanied by the HAUT-residency.

Furthermore, Caterina Mora invites four artists (co-researchers) from the local art scene in Denmark to attend her workshop and be her co-researchers. 
The residency format attempts to bring together learning instances, sharing and exposition processes, as well as documentation practices. caterina whishes create a platform were the research she is working on, develops and, at the same time, the invited artists can present their work if they wish. This is why time is redistributed among a workshop, rehearsal time and public presentations.

The workshop called ‘On Mother Tounges’ is about mother tongues and translations. Aiming to reflect on the performer skills, from our mother tongues to trans-linguicism, the sessions will develop obfuscated storytelling to deal with questions around the untranslatable.
Each artist will also have time to work on their own artistic research and projects, which they will present at a public two day mini-festival curated by caterina daniela mora jara called: Bevægelse i lille format. 

Participants of the workshop and the mini-festival:
Jupiter Child, Felis Dos, Abdul Dube, Barly Tshibanda and caterina daniela mora jara.


Festival day 1: 
17. February 2023 at. 19.00-21.30
19.00: Welcome words + 'Entanglement' by Abdul Dube
19.30: 'The Journey' by Barly Tshibanda
20.30: 'In the name of another bastard-cheap lecture-performance' (rather bastard than cheap) by caterina daniela mora jara


Festival day 2:
18. Februar 2023 at. (12.00) 14.00-17.30
12.00: Launch by Felis Dos + 'Entanglement' by Abdul Dube
14.00: Welcome words + 'Unravelling: Who's labour is it?' by Jupiter Child
15.00: 'Coreoque?' by Felis Dos
16.30: Conversation with Mary Tesfay*

*Mary Tesfay and caterina daniela mora jara will situate and put into perspective some of the issues addressed in the context of "On mother tongues, II reiteration + ‘Bevægelse i lille format’: How to promote infrastructure busy with "making the making visible, visible"? How to make it more sustainable? We will address questions about representation and visibility in the crossfield of art and education, reflections on the Nordic performing arts production and critical ways of generating and challenging institutional policies in the local context of Copenhagen.

The artistic team

caterina daniela mora jara
caterina daniela mora jara is a performing artist, researcher, teacher and writer. 

She originates from Fiske Menuco (Republic of Argentina) and Rucapillán Volcano (Republic of Chile) and have lived in Balvanera and Almagro (Buenos Aires). She currently lives in Ixelles (Brussels, Belgium) and in Alby Norsborg (Stockholm, Sweden). 
Caterina is trained in academic dance and folkloric dance and her work aims to problematize the modes of production and colonial legacy in representation of Western dance. 

Jupiter Child
Julia Born in Mozambique with a base in Copenhagen. Under the name Jupiter Child is a performer and visual artist.

Jupiter Draw inspiration from black history. Their Makonde ancestry and the black arts movement by combining theatre, dance, song/spoken word, creative writing and storytelling. Their thematic concerns are liberation practices and collaboration continuity.

Abdul Dube
Born in '||Hui !Gais' indigenous Khoe language meaning "where clouds gather." Now known only as “(Cape Town)” South Africa. Abdul Dube is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, curator and workshop facilitator based in Aarhus, Denmark. His work concerns questions of multicultural belonging, racism and resistance, intersectional solidarity, heritage, sustainability, Black imagination and activism

Felis Dos 
Born and raised in the country side of Brasil, Felis Dos grew up surrounded by faith, class troubles and spirituality. His works intents to raise destruction, uncertainty and discomfort. Felis has found in painting a place to focus and create the images and universes he feels needed in the world, but his practice touches and expands itself trhough other media such as photography, video and performance.

Barly Tshibanda
orn and raised in Kinshasa, Congo. Started to dance ndomnbolo and breakdance in an early age. He received his education from the Academie des Beaux-Arts Kinshasa and INA (Institut National des Arts de Kinshasa), and is currently studying at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark. His practice is centered around decolonization processes and anti-border regime strategies. He’s dance movement inspiration from different lived experiences with the European border regime and racism in Denmark. He has a strong connection with local activist and artist groups in Denmark and Congo. 

caterina daniela mora jara
Photo: Alex Ismail

Abdul Dube (he/they)
Photo: Audley Thomas

Jupiter Child (her/they)

Barly Tshibanda
Photo: Anni Lyngskaer


PhD supervisors: Chrysa Parkinson and Eleonora Fabião.

Alliances and thanks: Workspace Brussels; Research Centre apass 2022-2023; 2da Cuadernos de Danza; Vladimir Miller, Femke Snelting, Aphra Behn, Marie Geneviève Van Goethem, Luis Biasotto, Luciana Acuña, Ana Gurbanov.