Heaven is overrated

When is the gospel making its promises true?



Genre: Choreographic installation work 

The residency takes place at Fabrikken for Kunst & Design 04.09 - 01.10.2023

The artistic research

In this 4 weeks IN PRODUCTION residency Lydia Östberg Diakités will dive into the production process of Heaven is overrated, a new performance/video installation that will be exhibited at Nikolaj Kunsthal in the fall of 2023. In this new work Lydia is focusing on the history and origin of the gospel and deconstructing it into a modern tale about criticism towards transfobi, queerphobia, climate change and systematic violence towards marginalized people.

Lydia will dissect the idea of when is the gospel making its promises true, we have been told to “hold on for just a little while longer, everything will be alright” but how long is that wait going to be? Through text, performance and installation, unfolding with new gospel songs expresses an idea of afropessimism towards the christian gospel tradition. From a black feminist and queer eye finally tell what is what and answer, there will be no more waiting and holding on but demanding truths and rewards now.

About the artist

Lydia Ö Diakité is an artist who works across multiple media such as choreography, performance, video, text and installations to convey complex narratives. Through a black feminist gaze, Östberg Diakité's practice focuses on themes of identity, power, heritage, social and popular cultural references and performative gestures.

Conversation collaborator: Adam Seid Tahir
Music producer: Holger hartvig

This production is also supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.