every time I try to move

– due to visa issues our main character couldn’t be here



Digital, site specific

Saturday 25.11 at 3:00pm


Choreography happens to us all the time as we navigate our different possibilities in life. Some of us cross the globe effortlessly and some of us are asked to perform a series of exercises by the visa office before we can even think about crossing from one place to another.

In spite of this paradigm, we aim to move and touch each other and to distort the given balance between us. Momentarily we leave our flesh behind to meet as digital bodies. Here we exist, not as breathing lungs and beating hearts, but as frame rates, sound waves and data speed. We invite you to sit with our non-performing physical bodies and explore this landscape with us.

Due to visa issues, our main character couldn’t be here, but the show must go on… And it will!

Practical information:
The artists will record, live stream and stream the sound of the performance through the website, theatrebuilding.com.
Bring your phone and make sure it is fully charged, to get the most out of this worksharing experience.

The artists behind this work in process are a fragment of the digital performance laboratory, theatrebuilding.com with a shared interest in how our digital bodies allow us to perform and meet across time and space between fiction and reality. They aim to develop methods to sustain artistic collaborations and engagements across continents in spite of our different positions in the political and socio-economic systems we navigate on a daily basis. In this worksharing we meet in the constellation of:

Monia Sander / Haj-Mohamed lives and works in a field between writing, performance arts and stage directing. She graduated from the Media School at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2020 and was the artistic director of Momentum Theatre in season 21/22. Via Forlaget Korridor, she published, Dominique and The Alexander Trilogy – a Performance Essay in Three Acts, which was awarded The Schade Prize in 2019. She collaborates amongst others with Hosting Lands and Rønnebæksholm kunsthal. 

Moayed Ghazouani also known as MOODY and MAMOODY is a Tunisian performer with a degree from the Higher Institute of Music and Theatre in Kef, and he is a researcher at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Tunis. Moayed's research focuses on total art and contemporary performance art. He has danced in two choreographic creations by Nawel Skandrani in 2018 and in 2022 , created a physical theatrical piece called "Rouheb" in 2022 and is currently working on his first solo piece "Meem" all while working as a physical theatre coach at the Opera of tunis.

Jazbo Gross is a video artist. He has an MA in Moving Image from the Royal College of Art in London. In his research and work, Gross looks at how objects and narratives are encoded in social practices and technology, probing their material histories and popular narratives with gut feeling and exaggeration. Gross occasionally lectures at the Royal College of Art and is a Director of the arts library and cultural centre, Biblioteka CIC (Kyiv/London). His work has been screened and exhibited in the UK, Germany, Norway and Denmark with his most recent shows at Calcio, London; RIBA, London; Salt, Oslo; ICA, London and St. Peter’s House, Manchester.

Ahmed Ben Abid, born in 1996 in Tunis, is a multi-talented artist specializing in graphics and electronic music. He possesses a deep passion for dance, music, and contemporary art. Ahmed’s artistic journey commenced with street dancing, leading him to the Mediterranean Center of Contemporary Dance under the mentorship of Syhem Belkhodja. As a member of the Sybel Ballet Theatre and through various collaborations, Ahmed showcased his interpretive skills at diverse festivals. His recent collaboration with Oxfam inspired him to address social injustices through his art. In 2023, he crafted “Unwell,” a poignant choreographic piece delving into themes of suffering, resilience, and justice. Ahmed’s art is dedicated to raising awareness and fostering empathy, employing dance as a medium to amplify the struggles of marginalized communities. 

Monia Sander / Haj-Mohamed
Moayed Ghazouani
Jazbo Gross
Ahmed Ben Abid