A performative reflection by hacking and moshing interdisciplinary artistic practices.


Format: IN PROCESS – 2 weeks
Genre: Performative Reflection  

Residency at Teatret Zeppelin

23.06.2022 at 5-7pm

Graphics: Cruz Proxy and Emilie Gregersen 

The artistic research

Datamoshing is the title of a performative reflection process initiated by Emilie Gregersen. A two-week residency together with Marina Dubia, Sigrid Stigsdatter, Paolo De Venicia and Cruz Proxy. 

During the residency the group will be interweaving and embodying each other's artistic practices as a way of physically reflecting upon their own artistic work and the modes of productions they are created within.    

The title Datamoshing is a reference to the process of messing with the data of media files creating visual or auditory glitching effects when a file is decoded or rendered. This residency is a self-produced glitch in time, a distortion of speed, where it’s dared to be critical of one's own patterns and ways of practicing and producing art.

About the artistic team

In a cross field of choreography, performance and visual art the group consists of Emilie Gregersen (choreographer, dancer and co-founder of Dance Cooperative, graduated from The Danish School of Performing Arts), Marina Dubia (artist and performer with a Conceptual and Contextual Practices MFA from the Art Academy in Copenhagen), Cruz Proxy (multidisciplinary artist, Co-founder of the art group L9, MFA from the Funen Art Academy), Sigrid Stigsdatter (choreographer, performer, member of Dance Cooperative and Jacuzzi, graduated from SNDO) and Paolo De Venecia Gile (dancer and choreographer, co-founder of Dance Cooperative, graduated from The Danish School of Performing Arts). 

Emilie Gregersen
Photo: Karin Bergman

Marina Dubia 
Photo: Denis Laner

Cruz Proxy
Photo: Albert Presas

Sigrid Stigsdatter
Photo: Fryd Frydendal