- with Sara Hamming 

Can art propose new


Genre: Conversation and knowledge-sharing format

Dato: 15. marts 2023 
Tid: kl. 17:00-19:00 

Sted: Kontor Nr. 25, Henrik Rungs Gade, 2200 Kbh N

The event is free but due to limited seating signup is nessecary.
You can signup by sending an email to 




Collective Reading is a new format, where HAUT invite an artist or teacher to choose a text that will be read collectively with you, in the same room. Through their facilitation of the reading, we will open up the text, play with it, and maybe be provoked to read it in a different way than we normally would.

The very first COLLECTIVE READING will be with Sara Hamming under the theme:
Reading for the performance artist's mental and emotional toolbox

We´ll read excerpts from key texts on performativity and on economic de-growth and together we´ll make connections with cut-up technique. How can performativity be used to think about and do degrowth - and how can degrowth be performative. What are they both being presently?
Economic de-growth is an eco-solidaric and feminist economy and should not be exchanged for fear of demanding proper money pay as an artist.

The reading will be in both Danish and English, and we will include translations on the spot in the reading.
If there is a text that you would like to include, you can write to Sara at

About Sara Hamming

Sara Hamming, Performance artist and performance writer based in Copenhagen.

She has conceived a body of performances with by-products and re-cyclings in the form of other performances; sound works, poems and speeches – critical to the effects on and of this body. Currently working with Spiseøvelser / Speech rehearsals - a collection of poems and gestures about food, digestion, research and reproduction.  

She also performs with the book 'LOST TITLE - a cycle of testimonies about waste', - a book she picks up again and again. 
She also works as a dramaturge and do performance workshops and reading/writing workshops for youngsters and university students.

Sara Hamming website.