AN HOUR WITH Sall Lam Toro

On the performativities of rage in the public space.


Genre: Conversation that immerses the audience in an artist’s practice

Date: 13th June
Time: 10:00-11:00AM
Place: HAUT, Lygten 39, 2400 Kbh NV

The event is free, but please reserve your spot so we know how much coffee to brew. You can book your spot right here:

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How can we move with, hold, and be present with rage in our bodies? How can we divest from capitalist, colonial and patriarchal modes through the performative that have made us internalize how rage is simply destructive, unsafe, and undeserving of existing? Or, only existing to be expressed by certain bodies and not others?

In this AN HOUR WITH artist Sall Lam Toro presents a talk about their collective research on the performativities of rage in the public space and the work developed within their IN CONNECTION residency at workspace Brussels. Departing from the idea that our capacity to feel and sense has been colonized within systemic structures of violence, they will engage with different material from their participatory experiments and protocols of rage_choirs and rage_raving.

Example of a rage_choir protocol excerpt:

Vocalize a groggy, just woken up type of voice sound
Sustain it for a few seconds
See how it changes
Push the shift when you see fitting
And search for your rage
Notice where it emanates from
Notice where it is located
Does it have a smell
An image
A shape
A texture

A voice
A place
A politic
An ideology
A culture
A land
Does it speak?
Is it mute
Keep searching for it if you cannot find it
Sustain the sound and see if it can shift into loudness
See how loud it can become
Is this a song yet?

The work has been developed within a collaboration with suziethecockroach, Keiria Shishay, Warren Jones and Fazle Shairmohamed since last year and some of them ended up in the residency with Lam Toro exploring a trajectory focused on live sound sampling with experimental choir activation and embodied raving. The somatic based practices activate audiences to move while multisensory bodily zones stimulated by a mapping of corporeal rage facilitates collective choreographies of rage. The idea is that the audience moves to the sound of their own raging in a rave setting. 



Sall Lam Toro (they/them) is an antidisciplinary multimedia performance artist based in Copenhagen. Their work evokes inter-relational decolonial, ecoerotic, cosmic and embodied manifestos that confront what they call “the hijacked body”. The hijacked body arises from the illusion of separability, and Toro often works with strategies to devise artistic interventions to unwrite and disrupt this body collectively. Through ritual, glitches, failure, dialogues with ecoerotic companions, text, resonance and e-motion, Toro develops poetic multitudes of body and radical imagination within anticapitalist, anarchist, and collective modes of liberation. 


Sall Lam Toro and their collaborators were invited into a two week IN CONNECTION residency at workspacebrussels in Brussels with the artistic project "BODY TONGUES: TECHNO_RAGE". This opportunity blossomed out of HAUT's long term collaboration with workspacebrussels – a laboratory for research, experiment & creation in the performing arts. The two organisations are also providing the brussel-based artists Stanley Ollivier and Mamadou Wague two weeks of residency at workspacebrussels this spring to work on their artistic project "Spine Of Desire: Wounds without tears, out of one skin in diamonds and shit".



An hour of informal conversation, which provides space for short or intense immersion in an artistry or an artistic practice. It is an opportunity to meet artists in an informal setting and gain insight into knowledge that is usually only available to the people who are part of the work process.

This event is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, The Bikuben Foundation and the Municipality of Copenhagen.