Sunday 27/10 at 14:00-14:45

ARKEN - The Ark
The Flood is coming and it is about time the Ark of our day is built

Genre: Choreographic installation
Stage: Store scene

The Ark is an investigation and re-actualization of the deluge myths. 

The Ark will unfold as a choreographic installation, where the dance collective Fanclub integrate and dance with different fragments from what might be a postmodern Ark. As mankind, the audience must engage if they are to safe themselves from the tidal wave to come. The audience can no longer look at themselves as mere spectators, but must engage in the work, so they end up with the concrete physical responsibility for the maintenance of the Ark of our time.

Vontrapp develops universes with a significant visual and musical expression. The Ark is their first work created for a black box, as they usually work site specific.

(About the artists:) The artist collective Vontrapp works with the audience’s physical and sensory presence at is artistic core. The work is always dependent on the audience’s physical movement or co-creation. This work is a collaboration with the dance collective Fanclub, who invite artists and others in to various collaborations and art projects.

(Credits:)Artist collective Vontrapp | Composer: Sandra Boss | Architect: Ina Hjorth Jacobsen | Artist: Katrine Würtz Hansen | Dramaturg: Astrid Hansen Holm
Dance collective Fanclub | Dancer: Carolina Bäckman, Andrea Deres and Sofia Karlsson

(Supported by:) Statens Kunstfond